Friday, March 13, 2015

Invoke The Logan Act

For John, BLUFTime for the critics to it p or shut up.  Nothing to see here; just move along.

I have told my Brother Lance that before the 47 Republicans sent an open letter to Iran others had done the same thing.  His response was that it was a pretty weak defense.  My friend Jeff, down in the DC area, and a former Joint Staff Division Chief in the Strategy and Planning Directorate suggested Treason.  Here in Lowell Craig H took to Facebook to claim the Fabled 47 had violated the Logan Act and that others might have done the same was no excuse.

To all those and to all those Democrats (including Vice President Biden and former SecState Clinton) who claim Treason, or at least a violfhowlation of the Logan Act, I say DEMAND that Attorney General Eric Holder indict the Fabled 47 on the Logan Act.  And, once indictments, DEMAND the President of the Senate declare that they can't participate in the actions of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body.  DEMAND it I say. Not just once, but continuously, until it happens.

Personally, I would love the theater.  It would make DC fun again.  More fun than since that guy shot the son of Francis Scott Key, Philip Barton Key, II, because he was his wife's lover.  First use of the insanity plea, and it worked.  Later went on to be a Major General in the Civil War, Union side.  What was his name?  Fought at Gettysburg.  Got to far out in front, Day 2, I think.  Darn.  Peach orchard.  Someone will know.

Yes, great theater.  And, it is unlikely much would change in DC.  Before the inevitable finding of not guilty (perhaps by "reason of insanity") the Democrats would dominate the US Senate, but much as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi might howl, they would be the underdogs in the House of Representatives.  But think of the witnesses who might be called.  Think of the precidents that might be invoked.  It will surely sell newspapers and advertising on TV Stations.

I say Bring It!


In the mean time, the Blog Powerline has an item, "How Barack Obama Undercut Bush Administration’s Nuclear Negotiations With Iran".  As the back of my hand goes to my forehead and I show signs of the vapors I contemplate—Wasn't BHO a Senator at the time.  This is a page right out of Dick Nixon's play book.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Craig H said...

Practically speaking, you know Nancy Pelosi (or any of the other Democrats for that matter) would never bring charges, because she herself was guilty of the exact same crime only a few short years ago, and will likely be again should a Republican win the Oval Office next time around.

If only the Attorney General were an elected position--an Ombudsman for We The People as it were--and could act without regard to party...

Craig H said...

And, all questions of legality aside--it's extremely uncomfortable to consider what Iran (and the rest of the world for that matter) now thinks of the US Government as a result of such a poorly conceived and clumsily executed political ploy. McCain has already expressed regret for having rushed his decision to sign it, though, as you might expect, only because of the "blowback" it has received. Politicking is one thing. Embarrassing and weakening the country's bargaining position in the world going forward is quite another. The idea behind the Logan Act is an important one, even if no major political party in this country is willing to respect it.

A pox on both their houses.