Sunday, March 29, 2015

A critique of the WH Handling of the Bergdahl Case

For John, BLUFA question one might ask is if this White House lives in the moment, without consideration for long term consequences?  Nothing to see here; just move along.

An OpEd for The LA Times, by a Mr John R Schindler, is headlined "How the White House bungled the Bowe Bergdahl case".

Here is the nub of the story, and a position I hold.

It is admirable to bring POWs home, no matter how they wound up in enemy hands, and charlatans deserve to come home as much as heroes do.  Taliban captivity is a terrible experience.  Yet it is not admirable to turn a possible deserter into some sort of public hero.
Here is the OpEd final paragraph.  Yes, he lets the White House slide, by passing judgement off to future historians, but he does suggest it will not be treated kindly in this matter, if it comes up.
Why this White House chose to handle the Bergdahl case in such an inept manner, despite ample information indicating its official narrative was, at the least, highly selective, is a matter for future historians to ponder.
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